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Enabling S3 Standby in MCE2005 + fix for blank screen after st

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The problem seems to be with the Microsoft Remote. If I turn off under

device manager the Power Management to "Allow this device to wake up" for:

HID: Ehome devices(all 4) and Keyboard Ehome Keyboard, the standby mode works

fine, it shuts down all the fans, but because I set these options I only can

power the system back on with the mouse or keyboard. No other Power

Management for devices seen to correct the problem. At this point to a

problem is in the emhome drivers supplied by microsoft. I have also

confirmed this with another system "Intel P4 3.2 GHz w/DFI Motherboard and

the both system have the same results. I will let contact I have in

microsoft know about this issue.



"GBK" wrote:

> 1. download the dumppo.exe tool from microsofts ftp site.

> ftp.microsoft.com/products/Oemtest/v1.1/WOSTest/Tools/Acpi/dumppo.exe

> run tool dumppo admin minsleep=s3

> 2. follow directions in Microsoft KBB Article ID : 841858 to add the

> registry key..

> make sure your remote is set to wake up the machine from standby..

> (might be by default) reboot after registry mod and before trying it out..

> http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;en-us;841858

> 3. and for those that have blank screens following stand by try this hope

> it helps.

> http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/d...DisplayLang=en

> Works like a charm on my machine.

> Intel 875pbz 3.2ghz P4

> Geforce 6600gt

> 1gb Ram

> 120 gb hd

> nvtv tuner analog

> ati HDTV Wonder


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